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Wedding DJ Services

The following tools are here to help. We have spent many years researching and using these tools. Please take advantage of these helpful tools right away. Don't forget, in order to view these files you will need to have or download Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.

"Reception Planner" will assist both you and your Fiancé in organizing the order of events for your Wedding Reception.  This is only a suggested order of events. All of the events listed can be changed to suit your personal needs. Please go to and print out the
wedding reception planner to get started in planning your special night right away.

"Wedding Budget" will assist both you and your Fiancé in budgeting all aspects of your Wedding Day and beyond.  Please go to and print out the
wedding budget right away, to make sure you don't leave out any important details.

"Special Dance Ideas" will assist both you and your Fiancé in selecting the special dance songs for your wedding reception.  These songs are only suggestions and may be used if so desired.  Please go to and print out the special dance ideas to help get your ideas flowing.

How To Hire A Wedding DJ:
Selecting a DJ is one of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding day. It is the last memory that your guests will remember from your reception.
Don't just hire the cheapest or most expensive DJ, hire the best DJ that YOU can afford. 
To help you find the most qualified entertainment for your event, here are a few questions to determine which DJ service is best for you.

Questions to ask your DJ:
1. How much do you charge?
They should be able to give you a clear and straight forward answer with one total price for all services. For more information please click on the
contact us link.

2. How much wedding DJ experience do you have?
Any type of DJ experience is great for reading the crowd. But, wedding experience is the most important quality. They should be able to run down the whole night’s events in order as they will be done.  We have over 24 years of wedding experience.

3. Can we come and see you perform at another wedding reception?
They should say yes, please do! But, just remember that some reception halls do not allow “looky-loos”. Just ask first before entering.

4. Do you have reception planner and do you help organize all the reception events?
(First dance, Grand entrance, Cake cutting, Garter removal, Bouquet toss, etc...)
They should have a reception planner that they can show you and explain every detail to you. The DJ should be the wedding reception coordinator for you. Also, they should make any announcements that need to be made throughout the evening.

5. Can we meet with the DJ in person?
Yes, they should meet with you as many times as you would like. At least once, to go through the details and order of your special evening.

6. Do you use professional equipment?
They should have some kind of professional grade equipment. Ask them for a picture or some larger companies have a showroom. All DJ's should use professional quality equipment and legal music.  We would love to show you ours.

7. When do you arrive to set-up? Is there a fee for set-up time?
We setup prior to dinner so we won't disturbed your guests.  Most DJ's have a set-up time of one to two hours. There should be NO extra fee for this or take down, ever! 

8. How do you dress when you are working?
Most DJ's wear a dress shirt and tie. But, they should be accommodating towards you no matter what the request.

9. Do you include dance floor lighting? Is there a fee for this?
Depending on your taste, most companies include lighting and should not charge for this or they should be able to give you an upfront cost.  We offer free basic lighting and many more options if needed including up-lighting at an additional fee.

10. How large is your music library? 
DJ companies should have ALL types of music with them at ALL events. There should be no excuse for not having a song, especially if you had requested it ahead of time.  All music should legal.

11. Do you take requests?
Yes, they must take requests from you and your guests throughout the whole night.  We do!

12. Do you provide a written contract? Do you require a deposit?
Any established and professional company will have a written contract. The company should have a copy as well as you the client. A deposit is usually required and should never be more then half of the total fee. Note: Do not ever send the whole payment if the company requires you to do so. Only, send what is needed for the deposit. This secures both you and the company to get the rest of the service.

13. Can you provide Ceremony music?
Most professional companies can provide music and equipment for your ceremony for an additional fee.  We can also provide mics and a generator if needed.

14. What are my payment options?
A professional DJ company should accept Personal Checks, Business Checks, Cash, and most major Credit Cards.  We now offer PayPal as well.

15. Are there any hidden charges like Taxes, Mileage fee, or Gratuities?
There should be NO hidden fees what-so-ever! Gratuities are encouraged but never mandatory.

16. Does your company have reliable transportation?
The company should provide a reliable, well maintained vehicle. Do not let your special event be in the hands of a company or individual that cannot afford to have reliable transportation.  Ask to see it in person.

17. Who will be the DJ at my event?
You should know who the DJ is and the DJ should know who you are. The company must let you meet the DJ in person, in order to see if that DJ is right for you and your event.

18. Does the DJ get involved with the guests or just play the music?
Everybody has seen a DJ that they loved. On the other hand, everyone has seen probably more DJ's that they didn’t like! You need to decide what you’re looking for in a DJ. All DJ's personalities are very different and all have different styles of entertaining. Some don’t speak at all, and some are “off-the-wall”!
Pick the DJ that you feel the most comfortable with, meet first before you hire.

19. I have an IPod or IPad, can't I just use it?
With the birth of nano technology, everyone owns one or knows someone who has one. We highly recommend that you never use a personal mp3 player for your special event. Many things can go wrong, the sound quality is less than good and there is nobody to "keep the flow" going.   We not only DJ your event we also are the emcee and make sure your night will run smoothly and effortlessly for you.

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